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Personal snapshot

With William Schreib's colorful and whimsical insightfullness, I was left amazed at how he had presented me with useful information as to who I am and what does and does not work with me. His insight and cosmic relationship he has with the universe has and will continue to lead me on the right path during My Journey.
The Snapshot was very informative and a bit of fresh air to the soul. I recommend reading and following William Schreib's work for it is obviously his passion. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.
Jeanette D., Edmonds WA 


Pg. 1: A brief but concise description of the SIX KEY COMPONENTS in your personality as represented astrologically by your (1) Sun Sign, (2) Moon Sign, (3) Ascendant, (4) Mercury, (5) Venus and (6) Mars.

Pg. 2: A examination of the nature, the mode and the elemental qualities of your SUN SIGN--- the day of the year that you were born. You will see photos of 10 celebrities who project the expressive qualities often projected by individuals who share your Sun Sign.

Pg. 3: A examination of the nature, the mode and the elemental qualities of your MOON SIGN, or the day of the month in which you were born. This page explains the nature of your emotional reactions. These lunar reflections are demonstrated in photos of celebrities who share your Moon Sign.

Pg. 4: Here, you will be shown how the time of day of your birth determines your ASCENDANT. Your "rising sign" dictates your underlying skeletal structure, and it often becomes the indicator of your "body type" or the physical container that others often see on first impression. This structure is demonstrated in a collage of photos of celebrities who share your Rising Sign.

Pg. 5: Twelve illustrations show how each sign is associated with a specific area of the body and how that rulership affects your body language and the physical shape of your bodily structure. If you birth time is uncertain, this may help you determine your Ascendant.

Pg. 6 and 7: Now for the fun part! Here, you can begin to "guess the Signs of your friends-- at a surprisingly accurate rate".
With simple illustrations, we'll show you how to see the vibrational force or "element" of a person's expression, as well as how to observe the "modal" patterns of their actions. These 3 Modes and 4 Elements (in their combinations) give us the personality traits of the 12 zodiac signs.

NOTE: To determine your Rising Sign, we will need a two-hour OR LESS window on your Birth Time! (mid-afternoon, or around 3 p.m., etc.) This is why we ask you to communicate before you make your offering on our Order Page. If your Ascendant can be narrowed down to two choices, we will send an extra page on the possible alternative. This may help YOU determine your ASCENDANT?

Reviews from people who have received their own "Personal Snapshot".

'Thank you so much for the awesome astrological snapshot! This was so much fun to read AND re-read! You really provided a lot of colorful information that was helpful in getting back to basics with my own personal self, and my influencial stars. The images make interesting guides, as their descriptions are right on target! Whether one is into astrology or not, this is truly a cool gift that is filled with neat information, making this a memorable keepsake! Thank you so much!'
Suzi D., Greensburg PA

"This is a very nice astrology report, humorous, but wise and informative too.  Here people can learn about their stars in more ways than one, as they find their personal Hollywood connections.  See what you have in common with the gods and goddesses of the Hollywood pantheon -- probably, quite a lot!  This report would make a thoughtful present for the young stars in your life or for the 'starstruck' beginners".
Allison R., Milwaukie, MI

Bill Schreib has really done an accurate snapshot of my personality. I am so amazed how true it is and how much information there is in the snapshot about me! I am trully impressed and amazed at how this information can be extacted from the birthchart. Thank you!!
Hiromi B., Melbourne, Australia

   "I received the personal snapshot, and I found it to be very accurate in both my physical and personality characteristics! I am calm and diplomatic when the need arises. The almond-shaped eyes and dimples are me to a “T”!  Your snapshot further explained the components that my other planetary signs play in my wholeness. I really enjoy the examples of the famous as it gives us something familiar (and successful?) to compare to".
Elizabeth R. (Libra Sun), Tempe, AZ

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