portraits of Aquarius Sun Signs, Clark Gable, Alan Alda, Nick Nolte, Cybill Shepherd, Oprah Winfrey, Gena Davis

Your Aquarian friends can bring your community together for a common cause.

Aquarius Personality Traits
An Aquarius Rising Sign, Moon Sign and/or a strongly
aspected URANUS can enhance AQUARIUS physical traits. 

  • Aquarius Sun's Clark Gable and Gena Davis won fame for their unwavering and focused mental presence. They often seemed to dwell in the alternative world, imagined in their heads.
  • Oprah Winfrey and Alan Alda got attention for their friendly and inventive natures. With their verbal skills and alternative views of the Universe, they both inspired all of humanity.

    Cybill Shepherd and Nick Nolte struck us as being rebellious and erratic. They often surprised us with their quirky revelations.

All express the vibrant, focused mental energy of Fixed Air.

Aquarius Physical Traits:

The electric static of Fixed Air inspires us to connect to the firmly held beliefs that spark the collective consciousness of all humanity. This magnetic focus of thought is seen in this sign's facial gestures.

As demonstrated by Farah Fawcett and Jack Lemmon,  Aquarians are friendly, eternally hopeful and seemingly filled with light from within.
It shows in the cubical, translucent features in their faces.

Look at the high cubical forehead and wavy hair.  Note the small, square tipped nose, the tightly drawn smile and the dimpled, square jaw.   This sign usually has inflated eyelids that tilt in from the sides.  It gives the impression that they are blinking inward-- instead of up and down like normal people.  They often seem to be focused on some point in distant space.
The other Fixed signs are Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius

Aquarius caricature and photos of Jack Lemmon, Farah Fawcett

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