Cancer Traits

astrological portraits of Cancers Ross Perot, Angelica Huston, George Michael, Dear Abby, Liz McGovern

Appropriately, "Dear Abby" , the mothering advice columnist, was a Cancer Sun Sign.

Ross Perot, Angelica Huston and George Michael show the crab's broad, flat cheek bones and the beaming rounded temples of the crab.

Princess Di and Liz McGovern often showed us Cancer's shy, soft and quiet side.

When the Cardinal Water
of Cancer gushes into the room...
be prepared to be emotionally moved!  These Crabs aren't as pushy or aggressive as the cardinal Aries we saw earlier. Perhaps, its due to the fact that water and earth signs are the passive (feminine or negative) signs of the zodiac.  That means the energies are drawn inward, instead of "pushed outward".

That's why Cancers latch unto the first secure anchor that appears and why they tend to gather in "the stuff" that surrounds them. This often fills their closets with treasured bootie. 

A Cancer Rising Sign, Moon Sign and/or a strongly aspected
can enhance CANCER'S physical traits. 

Cancer Physical Traits

Cardinal Water, like the ebb and flow of the tides, expresses itself in liquid moving surges.  In this world of constantly shifting forces resides the Cancer crab. Notably, many humans display features that mock those of this hard shelled creature.

As we see in the faces of Linda Ronstadt and Phyllis Diller, Cancers beam when the full moon reflects from their rounded "lunar temples".   Watch for the full deep eyes, the high, rounded forehead, the wide eyebrow plate and the small recessed jaw.

caricature and photos of Cancers Linda Ronstadt and Phyllis Diller

The other Cardinal signs are
Aries,  Libra and Capricorn.

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