Capricorn Traits

astrological portraits of Capricorns Faye Dunnaway, Marlene dietrich, Robert Duvall, Anthony Hopkins, John Denver, Jean Stapleton

Your Capricorn friends will make sure that everyone does their job.

A Capricorn Rising Sign, Moon Sign and/or a strongly aspected SATURN can enhance CAPRICORN physical traits. 

Faye Dunnaway and Marlene Dietrich display the cold, steely eyes that appear to be staring off at distant peaks. They rarely settle in the here-and-now, rather they aim their attention to the future.

Robert Duvall and Anthony Hopkins project the cautious, tenacious and serious qualities of the mountain climbing goat.

John Denver and Jean Stapleton reflect Cappie's lighter side. As Cardinal Earth drives them forward and upward in their ambitious pursuits, they are inspired by the golden opportunities that lie ahead.

Capricorn Physical Traits

Sissy Spacek and Ted Danson show us that icy glare, as they take their stand on the mountain peak. Once on top, they stand content —until they're inspired to pursue higher goals.

The upward movement of these molds of Earth shape the structure in the face. Note the goat's deep-set eyes seem to be pulled upward by the prominent, bony brow—to aim at the peak on the top of the head.
Below the eyes, the facial plane drops like an avalanche. The large snout droops over the large, thin edged upper lip as it settles the mouth low on the chiseled chin. The broad, high-set cheek bones are drawn down in the center and this gives many of these goats a solemn and serious appearance.

Capricorn caricature, photos of Ted Danson, Sissy Spacek

Other Cardinal signs are Aries,  Libra and Cancer .


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