It's time to swim in the shimmering lights
Sun in Pisces
(February 19 to March 20, 2015)

Current Seasonal Forces and Patterns
Once again, the warming lights of the Pisces Sun are melting the snow, to wash the Earth with the universal solvent. Here, the wishful seeds-of-thought (that we defined last month in Aquarius) are quickening—to begin their transformation into new forms of being. This dream of new possibilities stirs the feelings of our Pisces friends.
Dance in the shimmering lights with a Pisces Friend
Pisces is considered to be the final sign in the Zodiac cycle, but its’ greater meaning goes beyond simple closure, for every creative endeavor needs to end, so that it can begin again.
In this final month of Winter, the Mobius patterns of mutability will return what you “paid forward”—in your actions in previous years, or perhaps in the service you offered at Virgo’s harvest (six months ago, on the other side of the Zodiac wheel). Your efforts has gone full circle. What you have sowed, you will now receive.
The more enlightened of your Pisces friends may tell you that you will receive greater returns when you sympathize or empathize with others. For it is this compassion that allows you to be less self-centered, and therefore more able to feel the greater currents. Only then, can you become One with the rhythms of Nature and discover the true creative purpose that you must fulfill—at this “new passage point” in your life! That renewed self discovery begins next month, when the Sun enter Aries.
Rulerships associated with Pisces
Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces. This planet is the Lord of the Ocean who reigns over liquids, oil, perfume, fishing, and all things nautical. This planet represents the higher octave of Venus and all of the artful illusions created in the imagination or in altered states of mind. Thusly, narcotics, anesthetics, alcohol, psychic phenomenon and the “need to escape from reality” are all said to be governed by this planet.
The feet are the part of the body ruled by Pisces. Thusly, Pisces is the most empathetic of all of the signs since they are so willing to walk in the shoes of others. Appropriately, all of the nerve meridians in the body connect in the feet. These sympathetic connections carry the healing messages to all of the parts of the body, so that each component can makes its contribution, to keep the body healthy.
Pisces Personalities and Celebrities
All of the celebrities shown here are following the undulating currents of their Pisces’ Suns. Note the ballooning flesh, the heavy eyelids, deeply-pooled eyes and the voluptuous puckered“fish” lips. Watch how one side of the face seems to crest some distance up from the other. Then, when it recedes, the other side will then rise to the top. In these celebrities, we show how these watery reflections are colored by the other components in their astrological charts.
Ellen Page shows the look of a “deer in the headlights”, but emotionally, her Sagittarius Moon makes her noticeably excitable and far more adventurous.
Michael Bolton displays the fire and drama of his Leo Moon, as well as the long facial mask of his Sagittarius Ascendant. These fires often keep his emotional temperatures cooking. It is often difficult to see the liquid mannerisms of his Pisces Sun.
Willam H. Macy often plays roles of characters who appear lost and confused. Also, when he gets emotional, his temper tantrums become grumbling rants of discontent. His Moon is in Capricorn.
Justine Bateman shows the thick eyelids and skewed facial features of the fish. Otherwise, she seems to be emotionally distant and locked into the world inside her head. Her Moon is in Aquarius.
Mitch McConnell
Mitch is the now the new majority leader of the US Senate. Many people say he has the dubious appearance of a turtle. We say his features present the image of a fish. He also has the emotional stubbornness of a Taurus Moon.
The Continuing Process
In the coming switch to masculine Aries, a new sense of spirit will be reborn as the highly directed forces of the Spring Equinox propel all individuals to pursue new actions and discover new creative avenues of self expression.
In the past year, these writings have demonstrated how these twelve divinely orchestrated steps were a repetition of three modes or patterns of action. Four repetitions of this three-step process gave us the four Seasons, and the The Year of Lights, symbolized in the twelve Zodiac Signs. And as we learned in this Pisces lesson, the process never ends, it just continues on.

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Pisces Fish

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of Celebrities:

Ellen Page
Feb. 21, 1987
No time
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Michael Bolton
Feb. 26, 1953
1:32 a.m.
New Haven, CN

William H. Macy
March 13, 1950
No time
Miami, FL

Justine Bateman
Feb. 19, 1966
No time
Rye, NY

Mitch McConnell
Feb. 20, 1942
No time
Sheffield, AL



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