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This article shows how the Sun, the Moon, the Rising Sign and the natures of each of the Zodiac Signs affect the personality of all individuals.
As Above, So Below!  This is HOW IT WORKS:

sunThe Sun Sign
What you project!

It is the center light-- that what you PROJECT in self expression!  Naturally, it desires to replicate the purpose, function and creative qualities apparent in the season (i.e., month) in which you were born. 
The Moon Sign -
Your emotional reactions
Just like the moon reflects light, your moon sign indicates how you react or REFLECT back the energies that "are projected at you".  The monthly lunar cycle places the moon in a new sign every 2 to 3 days.

Rising The Ascendant
(or Rising Sign)
Pinpoints your
"Physical Spot of Being" 

The rotating Earth, in its daily spin, quickly changes the sign "rising" on the eastern horizon. This sign defines your point on the Earth, and appropriately, your perspective or view of the "ever present, becoming world". 
Physically, the "sign rising" is usually what people see first. After all, it is the exterior mask of your "physical container". When your "facial flesh" is in neutral (not projecting or reacting it's solar and lunar qualities), it usually reveals the shape of the underlying bone structure-- which is molded to match the shapings associated with the Rising Sign.  Notably, the skeletal shape also strongly influences the nature of your "body type". 
(See if your Ascendant matches the corresponding body type, illustrated in the "Body Language" section on our site).
CONSIDERATIONS that may alter physical appearance and personality

The Sign Where a Component Is Placed defines the true nature (and expressive qualities) of that particular part of the personality. Therefore, someone with a Moon in Leo becomes quite dramatic when he or she gets "emotional" or" reactive".  

Planets In Conjunction with the Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in a natal chart will alter the sign's expressive and physical qualities-- by inducing properties of the sign associated with that planet. For instance, Saturn on the ascendant will render "body shapings" associated with Capricorn.

The Placement of the Ruler of the Sun, Moon or Rising Sign (via house and sign) will alter the quality of the component's expression. For instance, as our Bob Dylan Snapshot describes, Geminis with their ruler Mercury in Taurus and the 5th house will become very Taurian in their creative work. On stage, Bob Dylan is immobile and fixed when he performs. This immovable quality is not what we would expect from a Gemini.
DNA prevails!  There are lots of Gemini Native Americans, but few blonde haired ones.

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Celebrity Snapshot Copy recreated with permission from DELL HOROSCOPE MAGAZINE

David Letterman
& Conan O'Brien
Jack Nicholson
Bob Dylan
Robin Williams
Robert DeNiro

Lauren Bacall
Whoppi Goldberg
Tina Turner
Nicholas Gage
Oprah Winfrey
Liz Taylor

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