Robin Williams

July 21, l952 1:34 PM, CDT 
Chicago, IL

  Cancer Sun


Astrological portrait of Scorpio Robin Williams

Sun and Moon in Cancer
With a Sun and Moon in Cancer, Robin’s liquid features are pushed and pulled like the lunar tides.  The waters crest, break and splash on the shore, then regularly recede — to fill the empty space  left behind. 
     With a Sun/Moon conjunction, Robin’s internal emotional reactions are indistinguishable from his external attempts at self-expression.  In other words, his emotions find double emphasis — and the tidal waves become tsunamis!  Watch Robin’s temples swell and his eyes bulge as the internal pressures build.  Soon, the cardinal waters will erupt, and he’s carried away in a new wave of emotions.  His claws will paddle and flay about as he tries to steer his out-of-kilter shell through the turbulent currents.  When the waters withdraw, he exhibits Cancer’s need for stability.  His powerful pinchers are likely to latch on to the first securing anchor that appears.  One of the results of this urge is that his closets may get packed with all sorts of treasured booty. With his double Cancer, Robin easily identifies with children. In “Mrs. Doubtfire”, he showed us how difficult it is for male crabs to let go of their brood.  In “Hook”, he was an adult With his double Cancer, Robin easily identifies with children. In “Mrs. Doubtfire”, he showed us how difficult it is for male crabs to let go of their brood.  In “Hook”, he was an adult returning to childhood.  In “Jack”, he was a child. In real life, he’s a devoted father and family man. 
   With Sun and Moon in the 9th house, Robin attempts to keep things joyous, humorous and even silly.  Like with most Cancers, the lunacy waxes and wanes with the Moon cycles (changing polarity every two or so days when the Moon enters a new sign). 

Ascendant: Scorpio
   In those rare moments when Robin is not in a expressive or reactive mode, the cardinal waters fix, puddle and clear — revealing  the subterranean elements of his facial and body structure.  He suddenly appears cubical and heavy, not round and buoyant.  The block head, square jaw and hooked eagle’s beak become more noticeable.  The eyes reflect a depth and mystery up to here unsuspected.  Robin’s Scorpio ascendant has made its transformations. 
     Robin’s Scorpio is more than a mask — it affects everything he touches.  (His ascendant ruler Pluto is conjunct Mercury, sextile Neptune and square Jupiter). These aspects give Robin the ability to create images so powerful they leave us either shaken or transformed.  With every chuckle, there’s often a “Oh, my God — what was that?”.  The powerful presence he revealed in “Awakenings” was pure Scorpio.  “Bird Cage” opened some unsuspected doors. Dark, Plutonian themes prevailed  in “Jumanji”, “The Fisher King” and “Dead Poet’s Society”.

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