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The Connection Between the Human Body and the Zodiac Signs
For centuries, it have been observed that the rhythms and cycles of the stars affect the human body.  Astrologers also found that each of the zodiac signs have their own profound effect on particular areas of the body and consequently, each body part was designated as being ruled by a specific sign.  This rulership principle has proven valuable in medical astrology.  It also gives us insight into the human character-- through the body language that humans express!

Body rulership starts at the head and it works its way progressively down to the feet.  The signs are assigned in the order that they appear in the zodiac.  Aries (the first sign of the zodiac) is appropriately associated with the head.  Pisces concludes the process by ruling the feet. 

We will see the modal and elemental qualities of a sign activated, when a person's sun, moon or ascendant is being expressed.  When one of these chart components dominates, we'll also see a rise of activity in the corresponding area of the body ruled by that particular sign.  (Power seems to emanate or be concentrated in this segment of the  body). The individual responds by “leading” from that part of the body and this gives each sign its own unique body language.

Physically, an individual's "body type or structure" will usually resemble the qualities of the"RISING SIGN" in his/her horoscope chart.  Just observe the sign here that is your Ascendant and compare it to your "physical shape".

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Aries body language
ARIES ~ Ruling Sign of the Head
Aries starts the whole idea, beginning this analysis by being the sign that rules the head.  When the fires ignite, the flames surge.  Energies are positive and expansive, driven by the forces of cardinal fire (Yang energies at the max). 
   The Ram charges headfirst into life, into a room or into any conversation.  The back curves steadily forward from the hips on up, to provide "shock absorbers" for this creature's cranial battering ram.  (Naturally, it's topped with two crowned horns of hair).  The Ram's body language dictates that the head will lead Aries into any action.  It’s no wonder they have prominent scars on their foreheads. 
Taurus body language
TAURUS~ Rules the Neck & Shoulders     
Polarities change with every sign, to keep the creative act in balance.  Consequently, Arie's unstoppable force turns into immovable mass, when the sun cycles into Taurus.  The polarity switch presents us with the creator's most definitive "Yin", as it it combines physical Earth (a passive/feminine sign) with the pattern of Fixity. The expressions become stable and stilled, as the weight of fixed earth settles heavily on Taurus’ shoulders. 
     In this lazy energy field, these bovine creatures seem immobilized, as they contentedly sense the world around them.  The mass of energy in the broad shoulders pushes the legs firmly downward and slightly to the back.  The weight places a slight "bow" in the legs, as it bogs the feet firmly in the mud.   The resulting body language makes movement
difficult.  We see why Taureans are so contented, staying put.
Gemini body language
GEMINI ~ Rules the Lungs, Arms and Hands
Polarities change again when the Mutable Air of Gemini skitters into the room.  With every breath, the lungs feed oxygen to the brain and electrical energy to all the nerves. From this center out, these electrical energies divide-- to run outward into both of Gemini's arms.  The energy is then scattered asunder by the whirling hands and flying fingers. 
   The propeller-like hands pull the upper torso forward, blowing the feet to the rear.  The head flaps, as it flips from side to side, acting like a rudder in the breeze.  With every step the rudder changes its angle to divert the winds, and this sends the winged messenger sailing off on another course of flight. 
Cancer body language
CANCER~ Ruler of the Chest and Breasts
     When the chatter ebbs, the polarity turns, and the emotions stir within.  The cardinal waters are restless, drawn out by the lunar pull, forcing the Cancer Crab to make its move.
    As the crabs' claws cling tight to their chests, their upper torsos turn to the side as they “lean into the wave”.  Following tidal currents, they side-step to the front. The chest and breasts are peculiarly angled, to avoid the oncoming waves, and this makes Cancer's assault noticeably less aggressive. This passive quality is enhanced by the fact that, in a moment, the returning tidal waters will regularly carry them backwards on their path.  Consequently, Crabs will often step to the rear, to redirect themselves forward towards their new destination. 
Leo body language
LEO ~ Ruler of the Heart
      Mid-summer places everything in "bake mode" as the heat warms everything to the core. In this expansive, positive shift, the fires are fixed, to concentrate the heat in Leo's giant hearth of a heart.  Such concentration results in "radiating heat" and this makes Leos quite warm hearted souls-- and also quite self centered ones. 
     Leo's need to concentrate the energy here, to feed their heart's desires.  This expansive energy fills Leo's huge barrel-sized chest, and it gives them an appearance of confidence and pride.  The proud, cat-like strut easily draws attention as they paw, purr, preen and parade on their imaginary stage.  It is quite obvious that these lions love to put on a show. 
Virgo body language
VIRGO ~ Ruler of the Stomach
     The spotlight fades when the energies are once again polarized to turn within, to digest and critique Leo's flamboyant show.
   As Virgo's analizes the creative work, everything is not so perfect;  This brings a lot of worry.  That's why Virgo stomachs are so tight and tense.  When they offer their "critical services", Virgos' rounded tummy pouches protrude-- drawing their midsections to the front.  The nervous energy of Mutable Earth produces noticeable twitches and shivers.  The mercuric hands, when they are not pointing and counting, will  usually hover close to Virgo's body-- to protect the receding "virginal parts".  (With Gemini, the expansive Mercury ruled sign, the hands fly about at some distance from the body). 
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