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Discover how the seasonal qualities in each of the 12 months define your character and physical appearance.
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Physical Traits of the Zodiac Signs

Illustrations and facial photos give visual proof that astrology works.
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body language of zodiac signs

Body Language of the Zodiac Signs

Illustrations show how each Zodiac Sign empowers its’ own section in the body, and how this defines each Sign’s body type, body language and physical stance.
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Dance of the Seasons

Dance of the Seasons

Follow the Dance of the Seasons.
See how each month creates and
defines the character and physical
traits of all life on this Earth.
Nature’s Cycle of Light starts

@ Capricorn’s Winter Solstice

Celebrity snapshots, astrology

Celebrity Snapshots

From Dell Horoscope Magazine, these Celebrity Snapshots articles use photo collages to show the Sun, Moon and Ascendant of 12 celebrities. View individual Snapshots, on top MENU

AstroVisions' Blog

AstroVision BLOG

features Blog contributions from writers who are fascinated by astrology and the wonders of Nature’s Divine Process of Creation.
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Here’s an amazing comment from a fan of  “Dance of the Zodiac”:

William Schreib have created the best work on the planet for understanding how astrology affects your physical appearance. Some of the people who wrote me after watching my presentation on his book say they have a 90% success in picking the signs of people.
~~ Quote by Santos Bonacci, Universal Truth School / MrAstrology on YouTube ~~

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