The presence of Leo brightens every room

Celebrities show physical traits of Leo

Physical traits of Leo Suns, photos

       Here, with a photo collage of faces, we show six celebrities who share the demeanor and mannerisms of Fixed Fire and the physical appearance of Leo.  Here, we will also show how different astrological components alter the disposition and personality of these celebrities.

      This is the sign that governs theater and drama–so expect these six Leo Sun Signs to put on a show!

     Leo’s aura of confidence is seen in all of our female felines. Viola Davis and Amy Adams show the fixed expression that we see–just before they make their royal decrees.  Jennifer Lawrence shows us the moment after, when the feline eyes fix in place, to await the roar of approval from the crowd.

      With the male lions, Leo’s traits can be carried to extremes–for they can be loud and boisterous, or markedly classy.  The loud side of this equation was seen in the actions of wrestler Hulk Hogan, when he boasted of his power and strength in the ring.  In contract, the  gestures of Ben Affeck and Barrack Obama radiated an aura of dignity, as they presented their grand visions to the world.

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