Visual proof that astrology works

Sagittarius and the Tongue of Kali

Our previous post of “Astrological Oddities” captured several Sagittarius celebrities performing their “tongue in cheek” expressions.  One response to this was from my astrologer friend Carol, who sent me a picture, noting the tongue of Kali, the Hindu Goddess.  Kali’s long tongue is extended outward–just like we saw in our facial photos of Centaur celebrities. This Tongue of Kali piqued my curiosity.

In the image, I saw Kali’s bloody sword and the snakes–they certainly fit our western interpretation of Scorpio. On Kali’s other hand, there is the bowl of fire and the Archer’s bow–symbols of the Sagittarius Centaur.

Tongue of Kali, Hindu Goddess


These image elements appear to parallel the concept of the astrological transition from the feminine sign of Scorpio into the masculine sign of Sagittarius. My next step was to understand the meaning of this Hindu deity–and then determine if there were any Hindu celebration dates, that correlated to those in the astrology signs.

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Astrological Oddities

This is our 1st blog presentation on “ASTROLOGICAL ODDITIES”

Odd Astro-Insights, Sagittarius

Here is an Astrological Oddity to look at!   One of my acquaintances on the internet commented on a “Miley Cyrus/ Christina Aquilla collage I created some years ago.  Both of the ladies were sticking out their tongues.  I noted that it reminded me of the “frisky horses” that were on a ranch I lived on as a kid.  When the horses’ heads reared back, their jaws would project to the front, and their tongues would stick out.  These centaurs were ready to be un-reined.

Christina Aquilera , Sarah Silverman, Bill Nye and Miley Cyrus all have Sagittarius Suns.  Albert Einstein had a Sagittarius Moon.  Do their expressions match any of the Centaurs you know?



The Fall Equinox and the Dance of the Seasonal Lights

Every month, the PULSE OF NATURE changes polarity as the Sun enters a new Zodiac sign.  Thusly, on a monthly basis, we intend to show how the rhythms and patterns of the changing  daily, monthly and yearly lights on this Earth create the Divine Operating Process, that makes all life possible on this planet. It is our goal to show how this process becomes the maker of our individual personalities, and this author believes it all can be told with the wonderful language of astrology. Here, we look at Libra’s role in  “The Dance of the Seasonal Lights”.  Some of the material in this monthly blog is updated and revised from the  “twelve step process” that is described and illustrated in its’  entirety on our web site.

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The Size of God

      Note from William Schreib:   This contribution “The Size of God” covers the evolution of human culture, history and the expanding consciousness of humanity through time.  Adams brilliantly tracts this evolution from the ancient cultures and civilizations, who gave humanity the beginning concepts of religion, as well as those of  science.  Adams then outlines how this scientific understanding expanded our view of a giant Universe, while its’ quantum physics revealed the micro-cosmos within.  This is an awesome look at mankind’s ever expanding view of the size of God– enjoy!

THE SIZE OF GOD by Larry Adams

It’s 14 trillion light years to the edge of the Universe, which began about six trillion years ago with The Big Bang. The first tiny fragment of a second after the blast accounts for most of the universe’s subsequent expansion. The matter that would form galaxies flung itself evenly and uniformly across vast distances before it began to congeal and lose its initial symmetry. Its expansion, though reduced in pace to a paltry 620,000 miles an hour (the speed of light,) continues to the present. read more