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Summer has arrived!

Dance of the Seasons, Cancer Sun

Feel the Warmth of Summer!

At the Summer Solstice, the Sun enters the sign of Cancer and a new quadrant in the sky—as it begins its’ annual descent in the sky. With this waning light, the previous expansive urges of Gemini are countered by the internally-directed forces of Cancer’s cardinal water. In this universal solvent, one’s desires, sensations and thoughts are merged together—to form the discerning judgements of one’s feelings. These emotions enable all individuals to relate to the content that they find in their personal surroundings.
At the high noon of the year, it’s time to find a base of comfort, to protect one’s self from the shifting currents. From this base, many individuals will find the confidence to express the creative visions of Leo. With these desires, they will be inspired to provide the services of Virgo—so that they can make our environment a delightful place to play.

Discover how the seasonal light of Summer (and all of the seasons) contribute to Nature’s year-long process of creation on the pages in AstroVision’s Dance of the Seasonal Lights

The Sun is in Taurus

In the middle month of Spring, when the Sun enters Taurus, the fire of Aries is smothered by the fixed and feminine force of Earth. In this period, Mother Nature’s forces are grounded and focused, and this creates our planet’s most productive month of physical growth!

In this month, the northern hemisphere will be provided a plethora of beautiful colors, lovely aromas and the music of bees buzzing in the air. Planted contentedly on Mother Earth, our Taurus friends are highly attracted to these sensual delights. So are the rest of us, if we learn to slow down, and smell the roses.

This is a month to maintain and strengthen your physical body, so that you can perform the work to insure that Nature’s gardens will bloom and grow. Those who follow Nature’s 12 Steps of creation, are likely to be rewarded with subsistence and contentment in the year to come.

Each month, when the Sun enters another sign, we send out this message to remind our followers of Nature’s process of creation. You can follow any of the steps in this process by viewing the Dance of the Seasonal Lights on our website.

The Sun is in Aries

photos of Aries Sun Signs

Hallelujah! The Sun is in Aries and Spring arrives again, as the Sun crosses the equator on its’ journey to the north.
This monthly blog is presented when the Sun enters a new sign. (Opps, we missed Pisces).  This is to encourage all of our subscribers to follow our interpretation of The Dance of the Seasonal Lights.
If you haven’t done it before, this is the time to start, for here at the Spring Equinox, the seeds of the past are born anew, to begin a new journey of discovery.  Check out the menu above (on our website).. and discover how Aries fits into Nature’s 12 step process of creation.

Fixed Sun Signs with Virgo Moons

Guess the Moon Sign of your friends!

   These Fixed Sun Signs with Virgo Moons show you how to determine if your Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius friend has his/her Moon is in a mutable sign.
The photos on the left show how their fixed solar expressions are “focused and locked into their space”. This makes their facial expressions anchored and structurally cubical in shape. However, as the larger photos show, when their VIRGO MOONS are activated, their faces become skewed and mercuric, but remarkably defined. This skewing is due to the shaping force of mutability. The physical definition is due to the presence of Earth.  Virgo is a Mutable Earth Sign.
If their reactive gestures are highly animated and expansive, they may have a GEMINI or SAGITTARIUS MOON. Those with a Pisces Moon’s have features that are round and liquid.  And yes, one side of the face appears to float up some distance from the other.
When their emotions recede and these celebrities attempt to express their personal beliefs–the fixed patterns of their Sun Signs return.

fixed Sun Signs, Virgo Moons

Aquarius brings Hope for a brighter tomorrow

In midwinter, the seasonal light of Aquarius tells us that the days are
getting longer every day. This brings hope of a brighter future!
This optimistic state of mind enables all individuals
to go beyond the practical thinking of Capricorn—
So that all individuals can focus on what they wish to be!

Seasonal light Aquarius

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