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Nov. 14, 2015
William Schreib will be attending
the Holistic Fair in Clarkston, WA.
to present his “personal snapshots”
for just $7.00

Presented at the
Center of Spiritual Living

~10 a.m. to 6 p.m.~
2707 27th St,
Clarkston, WA
Call (509) 758-3031 for information
Astrology in the News
This section provides links to news stories about the
current events and scientific discoveries that demonstrate the validity and importance
of astrology.

ABC TV show makes lame attempt to discredit astrology
This ABC program was discussed in writer Donna Cunningham’s blog below. It has lots of fun comments. Enjoy. 

Still Ticked off at the Debunkers
Last week a show debuted on ABC called, “Would You Fall for That?”  They thought it would boost their ratings to feature an episode where they did a so-called scientific test to debunk astrology.  They asked a roomful of subjects for their birth data, then pretended to have their astrology charts done by an astrologer who would write each of them an individual report based on their chart.

So then they gave all the subjects their purported individual reports and asked if the subjects agreed with the profile.  When the subjects enthusiastically agreed with the reports, the host revealed that they’d all gotten the same report and that it wasn’t from an astrologer at all, it was  one  written by a  psychologist back when the experiment was first done years ago.

In their attempt to disprove astrology, a ABC show used the old technique where “every participant receives the same astrological reading”. This lame idea was presented years ago by paranormal skeptic James Randi.

Interesting news on James Randi:
For fun, watch AstroVision’s STAR SCOPE and the video clips that reveal Randi’s true astrological personality HERE.
Yep, he’s a self-centered Leo with an arrogant Aries Moon! 

But he lies and claims to be a Sagittarius, when he responds to a scientist’s thoughtful letter 

He harbored an identity thief?

He is a poor spokeman for critical scientific thinking

Biorhythms affected by the seasonal changes
Check out this article from
It states that the biological clocks of living creatures are affected by what scientists call Seasonal Biology
*Defensively, they claim their research has nothing to do with astrology– but we know better!
Astrology May Not Work, But Maybe it “Works” Anyway
—By  (of Mother Jones)
A new study showing that belief in astrology is on the rise, especially among the young.

Does astrology predict jail time?
An article in Mind Power News reports that police in Chatham-Kent, Ont., announced Wednesday that, of 1,986 people arrested so far this year, 203 were Aries, whereas just 139 were Sagittarius.
It is the first time the municipality has ranked its crimes by Zodiac sign. Aries were the most arrested, with Libras in second at 189 arrests, and Virgo third at 183. The least criminal were Sagittarius (139 arrests), Aquarius (142) and Taurus (146).
Read story HERE. 

Pluto is a planet again!
Astronomers have reconsidered. And now Pluto is back on the rolls. Courtesy Donna Cunningham’s Skywriter blog, heres the story, found at: Read more of this post

If you have any fascinating stories to add here, please email William so he can add them to this section.

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(This is an article on the previous Faire that William attended)

‘Thank you Lewsiton Morning Tribune for the great article! 

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