Publications from AstroVisions' Book Store

ALL USA ORDERS purchased from this website are shipped directly from our office.
Each copy is personally reviewed for quality and AUTOGRAPHED by the author!
Our quality controlled books are printed by Gray Dog Press, an excellent book production company in Spokane WA.
All books are laser-printed (rather than “ink-jet” printed) on heavier paper stock.

DANCE of the ZODIAC and PORTRAITS of PERSONALITY can be ordered at bookstores around the world.
Yes, we encourage you to support your local bookstore! 
To keep postage costs low– orders outside the USA are printed “On Demand” in various locations.
Because of their “print methods”, there have been some quality issues, but the difference in postage may make it acceptable.

Interested in our best seller?  Check out this SHORT VIDEO that describes the content in DANCE OF THE ZODIAC