Cardinal Signs

Modes of Action Cardinal Signs 
At each Solstice and Equinox, a NEW season begins. 
At these four points, the Earth’s orbit (and axis tilt) makes the Sun appear to move in a new compass direction. This shift in direction instills an urge to create movement and it gives us personalities who are highly driven and always on the move. 

When the Sun enters ARIES, the Spring fires ignite to start a new season of growth—directing energies in a vertical and forward direction. Aries like Hugh Hefner will be among the first to get new ideas started—as they charge headfirst forward to explore a new adventure. 

At CANCER‘S Summer Solstice, the Sun begins its long journey into night. This switch in polarity and direction creates internally directed tides, which encourages Crabs to pull themselves down into their sheltered spot on the bottom of the sea. In this home, they can gather their treasures together.
Meryl Steep displays many of the features of the Crab.

In the Fall, the equinoctial energies of LIBRA gently flow in a horizontal direction, to counter and calm the opposing sign of Aries’ aggression. With Libras like Christopher Reeves, mental concepts are weighted, to balance all inequities that exist.

At the winter solstice, a new year begins at the darkest day of the year. The Sun’s movement in the sky is all up from here! CAPRICORN leads this climb up the mountain to higher peaks. David Bowie is a good example of this highly driven, upward moving personality.

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