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celebrity snapshot. Oprah Wiinfrey

This Celebrity Snapshot defines the astrological makeup of Aquarius---

Oprah Winfrey

January 29, 1954 (4:30 A.M.) 
Kosciusko, MS

Sun in Aquarius

   In this Celebrity Snapshot, we look at the astrology components in the chart of Aquarius Oprah Winfrey.   At her moment of birth,  Oprah was given four planets in Air signs and five planets in fixed signs. Notably, many people were born with these astrological opportunities, but it was Oprah who had the will and determination to use these gifts to become one of the truly original communicators of our time.  She did it all by expressing the humanitarian ideals of Aquarius, and by making her audience part of a greater social consciousness.

   In Oprah, we see the Aquarius mental process—which works like an “electronic capacitor”. The electricity is stored “on hold”. When it reaches its programmed threshold, the acquired data is released in spurts of electrical discharges.  You can see the process in a nanosecond freeze-frame of time, when Oprah’s entire body seems to go on hold. The eyes appear to look more inward than outward, the fingers lock to become rigid “antennas”, and the breath seizes with a deep gasp. (This draws the mouth tightly down, exposes the lower gum and creates a facial expression which reflects awe and surprise).   Naturally, Oprah’s Aquarius personality is altered by the other components in her chart.

celebrity snapshot, Oprah Winfrey Moon

With her Moon in Sagittarius—there is a noticeable jump in Oprah’s enthusiasm, as her expansive emotions ignite the fire in her sparkling Aquarius eyes.   Watch how her spirit soars, as she responds to others with her exuberant reactions.   “Wow.”  ”Amazing.”  “That’s wonderful!”  In addition, when these Archer arrows are ignited, her physical energy heightens, as their gestures become animated and scattered.  At times, she becomes overly excited, and noticeably clumsy.

As you look at these Celebrity Snapshots, you will find several with Centaur components.  All of them will express the mutable fire of this sign in some layer of their personality.  However, Oprah is the only one who combines the spirit of the Centaur with an eternally hopeful Aquarius Sun. She is a unique and free spirited soul, who place few judgments on others. It’s no wonder she’s everybody’s friend!