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characteristics of Leo, Robert DeNiro

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Robert DeNiro

August 17, 1943 (3:00 A.M.) 
New York, NY

Sun in Leo

As one of the consummate actors of his generation, Robert DeNiro shows the flare and dramatic characteristics of Leo.  In contrast, in many of his roles, he’s often plays characters with a disturbing and darker edge. This is due to the other components in his chart.

Early on, this left some of us guessing that this star of Taxi Driver and Deer Hunter was “heavy Scorpio”.  As his chart revealed, he has no Scorpio (save for a empty fifth house).  However, he does have Pluto, Jupiter and his North Node all in Leo, progressively forming a loose conjunction with his Leo Sun.  This powerful grouping gives him a concentration of fixed energy.  Furthermore, a Mars in Taurus (square his Sun) makes his physical movements firm and fixed.  Add a water Ascendant and Moon to this, and our guess becomes technically correct.

caricatures of Leo, Robert DeNiro, Pisces Moon

In previous Snapshots, we mentioned how the placement of the Ascendant’s ruler gives a way for individuals to “embellish on their public mask”.  Robert DeNiro’s Cancer Ascendant is ruled by the Moon and his Moon is in Pisces.  Consequently, he has an ability to miraculously alter his appearance.  These components douse the fire we see in his Leo personality.

In his role in Raging Bull, Robert  set a new standard in film performance by totally changing his physical beingturning from lean to muscular, then pudgy to overweight.  Likely, his Piscean emotional temperament helped him make the sacrifices for this very demanding role.

In the film Awakenings, DeNiro portrayed one of his quieter and finest roles as a patient emerging from Neptune’s net to regain conscious expression.  Unhampered by ego or physical desire, we saw a person who expressed his lunar feelings by openly reacting to the world with bewilderment, amazement and joy!  Robert’s boisterous Leo personality was nowhere to be see.

Note how in his reactions, DeNiro’s rounded water features become distorted.  The resultant skewed facial lines give him a dreamy, disarming appearance.  Positively, this lunar placement adds a compassionate dimension to his normally self centered Sun energies