In the Pisces face, the image of a fish is seen

Celebrity faces show the physical traits of Pisces

face reading of 6 Pisces Suns

     This collage of photos provides a face reading of six celebrities with Pisces Suns.  They display the physical traits of Pisces, as they show how Mutable Water rounds the flesh, as it keeps their emotions in a perpetual mix!   Naturally, the addition of different astrological components changes the disposition and personality of these celebrities.

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       With their watery Cancer Moons, Emily Blunt and  Drew Barrymore are the most sensitive and compassionate souls in this group. This Moon accounts for their round lunar temples and the emotional tides in their personalities.    George Harrison also has a water Moon, but it is in fixed Scorpio.  Note how his features lack the round temples of Cancer.  Rather, what we see are the cubical features and the beak of a Eagle.

        Glenn Close also shows many of the features of Scorpio.   The planet Pluto conjoins her Leo Ascendant as it trines her Aquarius Moon–and  her Sun’s ruling planet Neptune.  What we see is the most theatrical and outrageous lady in this school of Fish– and it can be delightful, or disturbingly frightening.  On the delightful end was her hammy and outrageous role as Cruela De Vil in the film 101 Dalmatians.  The fright was seen in her intensely obsessive performance in Fatal Attraction.

     This session concludes with Ron Howard and Bon Jovi, both who have Capricorn Moons.  These are the least emotional, and the most highly driven individuals in this lot.   It is this placement of their Moons in Cardinal Earth that drove their emotional Suns to create the cinematic and musical dreams that they imagined! This earthy Moon chisels their facial structure, as it hardens the physical traits of Pisces.