Aquarius celebrities are the bearers of light

personality of Aquarius celebrities

In their mannerisms, these six Aquarius celebrities often display gestures that mimic the qualities we see in the mix of Fixity and Air.  All the while, they exhibit the physical traits, face shape and personality of Aquarius. Here, we will also illustrate how the different astrological components in these celebrities alter the nature of their Aquarius Suns.

These “bearers-of-light” are the communicators and social gadflies, who sparked the collective consciousness of humanity with their inventive ideas and revolutionary thoughts.  Oprah Winfrey and Alan Alda got attention for their friendly and intuitive natures, and their  gifts for communicating with others–a talent often seen in most Air signs.  With their verbal skills and alternative thoughts, they both inspired all of humanity.

      Aquarius Sun’s Clark Gable and Gena Davis won fame for their unwavering and focused mental presence. They often seemed to dwell in the alternative world, imagined in their heads.

      Cybil Shepherd and Nick Nolte struck us as being rebellious and erratic. They often surprised us with their quirky revelations and oddball views of the world.

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