The Fall Equinox and the Dance of the Seasonal Lights

The Fall Equinox and the Dance of the Seasonal Lights

Every month, the PULSE OF NATURE changes polarity as the Sun enters a new Zodiac sign.  Thusly, on a monthly basis, we intend to show how the rhythms and patterns of the changing  daily, monthly and yearly lights on this Earth create the Divine Operating Process, that makes all life possible on this planet. It is our goal to show how this process becomes the maker of our individual personalities, and this author believes it all can be told with the wonderful language of astrology. Here, we look at Libra’s role in  “The Dance of the Seasonal Lights”.  Some of the material in this monthly blog is updated and revised from the  “twelve step process” that is described and illustrated in its’  entirety on our web site.

Since Libra begins “a new season”, it is important to  briefly describe the purpose and function of all of the signs  that brought us into The Season of Fall, as well as the two other signs that make up this season.

Six months ago at the Spring Equinox, the light of Aries began a new cycle of individual expression. Three months later, at Cancer’s Summer Solstice, the Sun’s waning light impelled many to pull away from their personal pursuits to find a base of comfort in their environment.  Now, at the Fall Equinox, as the Sun enters Libra and the “other half of the year”.  Here, the sense of “solar self” is dimming with the darkening light and it is time for all of Nature’s creatures to reach out and relate to the other world, that exists outside themselves!

In this serene autumn light, it is time to analyze the view from both sides—so that life can discover ways to understand (Libra), transform (Scorpio) and become One (Sagittarius) with Nature’s divine process of creation. With these three steps of  integration, Nature’s creative cycle of light is completed.  With this, the process can begin the new creative revolution—that begins with the coming New Year of building light.
Begin the act of co-creation with a Libra friend
Here, as the Sun enters its opposing point to Aries, the Cardinal Air of Libra takes us away from the self-centered (Sun lite) view of the Ram.  It is now time to interact and share one’s ideas with others.  This will  inspire individuals to seek  partners and co-creators to help them complete their personal creative ventures.  It is this sharing of ideas that brings the  future growth to prepare life for the Nature’s equinoctial dance in the Spring.
It will be your Libra friends who will use their mental scales to help you to keep your relationships in balance.  So, pick a person with a Libra Sun to run your Human Resources Department, for he or she will make the choices that will help you form a harmonious and balanced creative team.  It is this “working from both sides” that  forms the common census, that enables people to work together.Interestingly, there is one drawback.  Just when agreement seems imminent in any conversation, these justice-driven souls will often shift to the other side—to promote the views of the current underdog! This makes some Libras appear indecisive and seemingly incapable of taking any action.   However, you must remember that this team director is trying to balance the forces and resources, so that they will be fair to all who contribute to your project.  After all, they believe that this is what makes  great organizations grow.  And they are right!

Rulerships Associated with Libra’s Equinoctial Dance
Libra represents the point where the spirit of individual consciousness (Aries) is driven by other forces, to be clothed in the “mind-formed” creations of evolving matter. This concept is symbolized in the Goddess Venus and in the same-named planet that rules or governs the signs of Taurus and Libra. In feminine Taurus, our senses interpret the raw physical world by defining what we personally see, hear, smell and touch. In Venus’s masculine expression, these sensual interpretations are expanded and brought into more purposeful and beautiful forms by the selective mental choices of Libra’s Cardinal Air. Libra also governs the justice system, fine arts and beauty products.
   Being that the Equinox is the midpoint between Summer and Winter, it is appropriate that Libra rules the midpoint of the body.  It also rules the kidneys– the organ that refines the essential sustaining materials for the body as it separates them from the useless waste.  This midsection rulership gives Libra Sun Signs an erect body posture, kept in vertical balance by the hands that weight and teeter from side to side.  More body language information is available on our website.

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