Fixed Signs

Modes of Action ~ Fixed Signs
In the middle of each season, the energies go into dormant mode.
At these fixed points, we find personalities who resist movement and change, as they put all things on hold. This boxing of energy gives many of them square and cubical physical features and controlled demeanors. Perhaps that’s why so many News Anchors have Fixed Sun Signs. 

In mid-String, TAURUS roots sink firming into Mother Earth.
This fixed, contented quality was seen and heard in  Edward R. Murrow‘s solid and unflappable presentations on radio and TV. 

The mid-summer dream comes to life when LEO arrives on the scene. Leo’s fiery dynamics are seen in their fixation on the external environment, which they wish to enhance with glamour and flash. Such efforts also attract attention from others, and that instills the pride and confidence that we see in individuals like  Linda Ellerbee.

As darkness dominates the day, the fixed waters of SCORPIO hold everything in control. Anchor Dan Rather always seemed to intensely contain his emotions, even in the more trying of events.

The growing light of the new year can be seen at the end of the distant tunnel, when AQUARIUS arrives on the scene. The fixed mental energies of Anchor TED KOPPEL seem to be focused on some greater and grander thoughts. He’s about to tell us about somehthing that we all need to know!


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