Nature’s mysteries are revealed in Scorpio

Nature’s mysteries are revealed in Scorpio

Scorpio's Dance in the Seasons

At the Fall Equinox,  Libra’s balancing desires encouraged many to weight life’s options and make some “thoughtful” choices.  This also brought more questions and unknown answers.  Furthermore, it is now the middle of Fall. The chill has set in, darkness reins and the pleasantries of Libra are gone–and the Sun has entered Scorpio!With the intense focus and emotional intent of Scorpio’s Fixed Water, these valuable resources will be revealed–but only when we follow our deeper emotions and “get our act together”.  Fortunately, Nature has provided other resources to ensure the continuation of life.  Furthermore, there is no fear, for the magical Phoenix is flapping its’ wings, to prepare us for the upcoming and  uplifting flight– into a brighter light!
    Amazingly, our Scorpio friends seem to intuitively understand the true hearts and feelings of others.  They know when someone is manipulating the emotions of others for personal gain, or “if their love is being freely given”.  Is it BS, or is it real?  Scorpions know whether individuals are contributing to the creative task at hand, or if they are just injecting negative thoughts and feelings into the process.  Put a Scorpio Sun in charge of your Human Resources Department, for they will find the people who share your visions and those who will assist you in realizing your greatest dreams! Scorpio is assigned two animal forms. One is the Scorpion, who emerges from the depths of dark crevices—to bring deep secrets to the surface–i.e., those  hidden rhythms in Nature that bring rejuvenation (sex), regeneration (birth) and transformation (death and rebirth). With this transcendence, individuals can take on a higher form—as they rise above the ashes and fly away on the feathered winds of the Eagle!

The Magical Process continues

With Scorpio’s uncanny insights, we all can move beyond our fears, accept a new perception and open the gates to a new creative adventure. Unbridled souls are now free—to gallop away down their chosen paths of bliss! This desire to pursue this higher learning and a greater purpose is symbolized in the next sign in the Zodiac: Sagittarius.

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