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What is the best personality test? Astrology or Briggs/Myers

personality test, Bob Dylan

Myers/Briggs  and Carl Jung have their own special personality test.  However, it is the art of astrology that truly defines an individual’s personality.  Amazingly, it can also forecast the probable physical traits of any individual.

Carl Jung was a believer in astrology. So is Bob Dylan. Perhaps you will be too, after we show how Nature’s three key cycles of light (Astrology’s Sun, Moon and Rising Signs) can provide enough information–to pass any personality test!

Bob Dylan

May 24, 1941 (9:05 P.M.) 
Duluth, MN

Sun in Gemini
Bob Dylan Taurus Moon

The third component of note is one’s Moon Sign. It often determines how a person emotionally reacts to another. (It’s the reflective half of one’s psyche).  The Moon’s monthly orbit places it in a different sign every 2 1/2 days.  Dylan’s Moon is in the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus.

With this Moon, Bob can become emotional focused, and very controlling.  With Saturn conjunct this Moon, Dylan appears emotionally cool, reclusive and hard edged.  This arrangement gave him the tenacity and determination to create his prolific works of art.

When Dylan  reacts to the outer world, the sparkle in his Gemini personality disappears. With this highly disciplined Moon trine Neptune and conjoined his Sun/Jupiter/Uranus stellium, Bob creates his biting commentaries on the ills of society.  These aspects intuitively and spiritually connect his earthy emotions to his remarkably articulate Sun, as they inspire  him to create and express a constantly changing stream of inventive images.  With a touch of saturnine gray, Dylan paints these Taurian feelings by building his masterfully constructed phrases. With the swiftness of Mercury, he delivers his tantalizing messages.  The impact is real and it continues to alter the collective consciousness and soul of the world.

Did Bob pass our astrological personality test?
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