Book Combo (Copy)


This combo book deal features our 5-star rated “Dance of the Zodiac, the Rhythms and Patterns of Creation” and our newest book, “Portraits of Personality”.

This combo book deal is only available in the USA and Canada.
It features our two 5-star rated books: “Dance of the Zodiac, How the
Celestial Cycles Shape Your Physical Appearance” a
nd “Portraits
of Personality”–the book that features over 1000 facial photos to reveal
the astrological components of 235 celebrities.
Reg. retail price BOTH BOOKS: $35.90

Combo Price: FREE Postage – Save $5.00
These orders include a free copy of our all cartoon booklet:
“Personalities of the Zodiac”–and all three books
will be autographed by the author.
In other countries, our two main titles can be ordered
at most local bookstores.




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