Book Combo


This combo book deal features our 5-star rated “Dance of the Zodiac, the Rhythms and Patterns of Creation” and our newest book, “Portraits of Personality”.

This combo book deal features our two 5-star rated books:
“Dance of the Zodiac, How the Celestial Cycles Shape Your Physical Appearance
and the book with over 1000 facial photos: “Portraits of Personality”
Reg. retail price BOTH BOOKS: $32.90

Combo Price: $27.95
Add $5 S&H within the U.S./Canada.
Not available in other parts of the world at this time.
U.S.A and Canada orders include a free copy of our all cartoon booklet:
“Personalities of the Zodiac”. These U.S.A/Canada copies
will be autographed by the author.


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