Reviews of ``Portraits of Personality``

Review from Organization for Professional Astrologers
Russ von Ohlhausen, Publications Editor

“For anyone who is looking into exploring astrology in a ‘new’ way, William Schreib has created a great primer (and a comprehensive overview) for comparing the physical attributes of the Sun signs. With his keen eye, Schreib serves every astrologer (as well as any astrological enthusiast) who wishes to start their own journey into astro-facial reading.
Schreib’s new book, along with his first two works in this area (Dance of the Zodiac and Personalities of the Zodiac) are my favorite works for introducing astrologers (and skeptical curiosity seekers) to this fascinating field. This is not some book of regurgitated second-hand knowledge, rather it features Schreib’s personal observations—those relayed in his captured characterizations and archetypal photographs.
For decades, William has held the torch for astrological physiognomy in a creative and fun way—in order to bridge the gap and illustrate this bio-physical connection to the planets. This work will likely resurface as a missing part of the astrological and scientific dialogue in the years to come.”

Review from Dell Horoscope Magazine
by Chris Lorenz

A common question from someone who has just learned that you’re interested in astrology is, “What sign am I?” Some people are better at guessing signs than others, but those who have gone beyond Sun-Signs and studied deeper layers of astrology know that Ascendant and Moon signs can leave their imprint on the person we see. And any planet near the Ascendant can have its influence as well. William Schreib has been writing about how these celestial influences shape character and appearance since 1996 in his Celebrity Snapshots column for Dell Horoscope.
Portraits of Personality is a collection of Schreib’s astrological insights, made from his columns and organized in a way that compares and contrasts the various influences. The attributes of 235 celebrities help us understand how the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant manifest their influences in people we already know and appreciate. In this way, you may generalize about certain traits that are associated with a particular Sun-Sign and also recognize the variations that occur with a contrasting Moon or Ascendant.
The material is arranged in twelve chapters, one for each Sun-Sign. To underscore the attributes associated with a sign, the author presents celebrities that have the same Moon Sign or Rising Sign (Ascendant) as their Sun-Sign. These doubled influences assure us that the qualities associated with that sign come through clearly. Arrays of photos of a particular celebrity in various moods help discern the underlying astrological influences.
For example, Leo is described as having a royal presence—something that can be found in any Sun-Sign book. But here the physical description becomes more detailed and significant: the Leo energy gives a high cubical forehead with bushy eyebrows, large protruding ears, wide-bridged nose, jowly jaw, and square chin. The celebrity examples used to demonstrate these physical traits are Hulk Hogan (Sun and Ascendant in Leo) and Patrick Swayze (Sun and Moon in Leo). The accompanying photos leave little doubt about how the Leo celestial influence manifests in flesh.
Another example from the Leo chapter shows two female celebrities with both the Sun and Moon in Leo: Halle Berry and Charlize Theron. Both actresses express the proud bearing and physical features of the Lion, but their Ascendants show variations. For Berry, with Taurus Rising, “her feline eyes take on a bovine appearance as she appears more relaxed and contented.” Theron’s Virgo Ascendant makes her less dramatic, often avoiding the spotlight. Although she has the fixed features and focused eyes typical of Leo, her head’s shape shifts more toward the long and angled bone structure associated with Virgo.
And so for each Sun-Sign, we are treated to celebrities who have the sign’s traits doubled so we can appreciate the most prominent underlying features. In two cases, the chapter is introduced with triple-sign influences. Lucy Lawless has her Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Aries, making her role as Xena, Warrior Princess, quite appropriate. Kate Winslet is a triple Libra, but in this case all three Libra placements are in the Aquarius decan of Libra (between 10º and 20º), which makes her seem more Aquarian.
Once you get good at recognizing the solar influences in someone’s face, you may have an inside track to guessing their Ascendant if you know their Sun-Sign. The Table of Contents includes a section titled “Portraits that describe ways to guess the Rising Sign.” A list of 18 celebrities with unknown or uncertain birth times follows. See if you can ascertain the correct Ascendant. In some of the portraits, the author tries his hand. For example, Hillary Swank was born with her Sun in Leo and Moon in Capricorn, but the birth time is unknown, so the Ascendant is also unknown. After the author wrote the column, her birth time was discovered. He was close!
Portraits of Personality brings the fun back into astrology. If you’re willing to spend some time studying the various influences, how they make the cosmos become actual personalities, you’re well on the way of proving that astrology works in the real world.

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Tess Hadley Durand, Burlington, VT

I am a big fan of William Schreib ever since reading “Dance of the Zodiac”, and I was so excited to hear that he had put out a new book that I immediately went out and got this book from his website.  No surprise at all that it is another total masterpiece.  Schreib is one of the few astrologers that I have read who has clearly internalized the mysterious mechanics of astrological symbolism and is poetically fluent in its far-reaching language.  His sense of humor makes the learning settle deep into the neural pathways, and his enthusiasm for seeing astrology in action, as with the famous examples, is delightfully contagious.  The aha moments that I had through this book are too numerous to count.  Whether you are a seasoned astrologer or newly astrologically curious, this book is a GEM.


Wade Hyde, Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society

Portraits of Personality” is a valuable resource guide for teaching and giving lectures on astrology, as it illustrates how the modalities and elements shape the personality through the three most important points in the horoscope: the Ascendant , Sun and the Moon. The use of well known celebrities allows the student of astrology to instantly recognize how all these aspects work together to create the personality.