Sample page: Dance of the Zodiac

Here, we show a sample page from Dance of the Zodiac, a book written and illustrated by William Schreib.  Each chapter contains pages similar to the page below that shows celebrities who share a common Moon Sign.  (This book also features photo collages of celebrities who share common Sun Signs, the identical Ascendants).  There are also chapters (with revealing facial photos) that show the effect of the cardinal, fixed and mutable modes as well as the differences that can be seen in the decans of the Sun Signs.

This is the page 60 in the book. It shows celebrities who share the Moon Signs of Aries and Taurus.

This sample page of Dance of the Zodiac was altered from its’  8.5 by 11 inch layout to to fit this web page.  There are major changes on mobile devices, but content is as it is presented in the book.

sample page for dance of the zodiac

Aries Moon Signs
Aries Moons are quick to temper, often exploding in a outburst of anger. Fortunately, such emotional tantrums just as rapidly subside. Positively, this moon can give a person a quick-to-act temperament, which in its actions, will inspire the individual to quickly pursue new creative adventures.
When AQUARIUS Ellen DeGeneres’ becomes emotional, her solar energies are highly directed. Let her emotions built, and she’ll say what she really feels. It’s really difficult for her to hold back any of her feelings.
TAURUS Cate Blanchett, with her high sense of independence, readily jumps into any role that piques her interest. Her work includes many action films including the warrior queen Elizabeth and Indiana Jones.
For GEMINI Anderson Cooper, his Aries Moon keeps his thoughts on track, as he plows through the verbal clutter. His questions are often curt, to the point and well aimed.
Not so with SAGITTARIUS Kiefer Sutherland. Mars opposes his Moon. He is known for his multiple assault arrests but a court-ordered anger management course helped tame his short-fused temper.
On another level, there are the mental assaults of those Aries Moons who have strong self-centered feelings.
VIRGO Bill O’Reilly and SAGITTARIUS Tyra Banks typify these lunar types. They often insult anyone who doesn’t share their view.


sample page for Dance of the zodiac

Taurus Moons are the extreme opposite of Aries. Reactions are virtually non-reactive. In emotional moments, everything goes on hold!
AQUARIUS Bill Maher and GEMINI Bob Dylan, though expansive in their airy expressions, ground to earth when they become emotional. Maher’s emotions seem to be set in stone. Dylan’s reactions often bring an unsuspected silence and a surprising loss of words.
PISCES Billy Crystal and SAGITTARIUS Felicity Huffman lose all traces of mutability when their emotions are aroused. Huffman was the most earthy and practical of the Desperate Housewives. When Crystal becomes emotional, his wavering energies are contained and grounded in Earth.
LEO Delta Burke and CAPRICORN Naomi Judd shows us how a Taurus Moon alters the projecting nature of a person’s Sun. As we saw in Designing Women, when Delta became emotional, her fixed fire Sun would appear more grounded– and stubbornly immovable! In Judd’s case, her earthy nature doesn’t change, but in emotional moments, the mode of her personality switches from cardinal into fixity.

Along with these revealing photo collages, the opening of Dance of the Zodiac offers an amazingly simple illustrated explanation on HOW and WHY astrology works.   There are also 24 Celebrity Snapshots from Dell Horoscope Magazine and a brief analysis on how you can use the 12 steps in astrology to make life a little more wonderful.

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