Summer has arrived!

Summer has arrived!

Dance of the Seasons, Cancer Sun

Feel the Warmth of Summer!

At the Summer Solstice, the Sun enters the sign of Cancer and a new quadrant in the sky—as it begins its’ annual descent in the sky. With this waning light, the previous expansive urges of Gemini are countered by the internally-directed forces of Cancer’s cardinal water. In this universal solvent, one’s desires, sensations and thoughts are merged together—to form the discerning judgements of one’s feelings. These emotions enable all individuals to relate to the content that they find in their personal surroundings.
At the high noon of the year, it’s time to find a base of comfort, to protect one’s self from the shifting currents. From this base, many individuals will find the confidence to express the creative visions of Leo. With these desires, they will be inspired to provide the services of Virgo—so that they can make our environment a delightful place to play.

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