The Four Elements


Wondrously placed at the right place in space, our planet Earth is highly altered by the subtle light changes offered in its year long orbit. Just a little more light turns a solid into a liquid; A little more turns liquids into gas. Add a few more degrees of heat and a solid bursts into flame!
In astrology, these four different conditional states are represented by the elements: Fire, Earth, Air or Water.
All states of form have their own Condition, Tone and Quality. Wherever you look, any class of subjects will have their own vibratory nature—but the sub-classes within each category can be subtly different from each other, so they become sub-categories of elements.
The ones with the highest vibration, temperature or temperament will be classified as a member of astrology’s Fire group. The ones with the lowest would display behaviors which place them in the Earth class. Air and Water fill the distinctions in between. 


four elements

The astrological Elements simply catalogue all forms into different classifications by their energy content. They apply to all human endeavors, animals, inanimate objects (natural or human created), and the “vibratory differences” in everything on this planet.

Masculine Elements: Fire and Air
Astrology's Fire and Air Elements In the points of the horoscope sphere, where the wave is in its’ positive “upper half” of the wave cycle, expansive gestures and expressions come to life. They appear in the elements Fire and Air.
In the element Fire, energy is in its purest state. Here, we find the highest vibrational frequencies, mannerisms of great intensity and combustibility, and an abundance of heat. Fire suggests the intangible essence of Desire, Will and Inspiration.
These sparks of Spirit are manifested by the three Fire signs:
 Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
In Air, the vibrations are still expansive and positively charged, though less intense, as the energy is dispersed into greater areas of mental occupation. The dynamics emulate qualities suggestive of floating clouds, swirling breezes and funnels of wind. These currents stir the restless minds of the Zodiac’s Mental Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
This star-shaped configuration of trine and sextile angles implies there is compatibility here. Indeed,there is! Fire needs Air to burn, and it is the heat of Fire that allows Air to expand its range and area of occupation. 

Feminine Elements: Earth and Water

Astrology's Earth and Water Elements When the wave is descending and shifting to the minus side or lower half of any sine-wave, feminine, passive energies manifest. This internalization of energy consolidates “the stuff” into solid and liquid states of being. 
Naturally, Earth represents the physical plane—and matter itself. These earthy substances arouse the senses, inspiring all living entities to assemble new configurations and construct life’s building blocks. It’s all determinedly brought into form by the three Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The universal solvent of Water readily transforms itself into alternate states. Reduce the Fire (heat) and it turns into steam; The airy clouds of steam cool and turn to rain, which wets and softens the crust of Earth. The liquid feelers of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces coat, permeate and meld with everything that they touch. 
When these feminine Elements interact with the expansive Fire and Air signs, the play of polarity creates the different colors and the darker shades of gray that make all physical matter and life possible. It’s just what we will find in the elements: Earth and Water.
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