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types of personality, Whoppi Goldberg

Astrology defines the nature of 12 types of personalities

Whoppi Goldberg

November 13, 1955 (2:48 P.M.)
New York, NY

Scorpio Sun, Moon

Whoppi Goldberg is one of those types of personality who is known for saying it “like it is”.  Why not? With the fixed water of her Scorpio Sun and Moon, she has no fear in expressing her beliefs and feelings.

In her Sun’s self-projections and her Moon’s emotional reactions, Goldberg expresses two types of personalityboth as a Scorpion and as an Eagle.  When Whoppi’s eyes take on an intense “hypnotic laser focus”, you know the Scorpion is searching the darker corners, to find a hidden resource or object of need.  Once the treasure is spotted, these piercing eyes lift up on the sides, as the arms pull back like wings.  With their sequential liquid flaps, these feathered wings  send the Eagle soaring off into the heavensto find a “grander place to perch.

   With her Sun in the 9th house (conjunct Saturn), Whoppi uses comedy to expose reality’s dirty laundry. With controlled doses of “Scorpion venom”, she exposes the stupidity and arrogance of others. For many, this revealing of secrets proves relieving!  Whoppi Goldberg doesn’t just entertain her audiencesshe transforms them!