Dance of the seasons

At the Winter Solstice, the Sun begins to rise again

Capricorn art

A new season and a new year of creation begins at the Winter Solstice

 Last month, as the Sun journeyed to its’ southern-most point in the sky, the fiery spark of  Sagittarius brought the enlightened understanding: “Things are not as dark as them seem, for the light will soon rise again.”  This wisdom inspired a overwhelming sense of jubilation!

Now, when the Sun enters Capricorn, the Winter Solstice Dance begins, as the Sun begins another upward climb in the sky.  As it has for thousands of years, the  grand clock of time is now beginning another cycle of building light–as it starts a New Year in Nature’s divine process of creation.

With this growing light, countries around the world celebrate Christmas and hundreds of other versions of this Winter Solstice Dance.  A few days later, many will use the lessons that they have learned in the past–so that they can formulate the New Year’s resolutions–that will carry them forward, on their personal climbs to greater heights!

Build a Better World with a Capricorn Friend

Your Capricorn friends often see the world as cold and gloomy. After all, it is always winter in their hearts. Perhaps that is why they are rarely frivolous and so conservative and cautious. Those individuals who have no goals or little direction will likely receive the scorn of these cantankerous goats as they ask: “Why aren’t you working harder?” Capricorns tend to judge others by what they DO.

Naturally, some of these goats can become over demanding, selfish, cheap and greedy—the Scrooges of the Zodiac! Positively, these are the masters-of-time who have a gift for recognizing the talents and skills of others and directing them to advance the progress of any task. Many folks with a Capricorn Sun become the teachers and professors, who desire to pass the lessons-of-the-ages on to the next generation. This desire to “carry it forward” allows many goats to live to a ripe old age!

body language of Capricorn

Rulerships Associated with Capricorn

The sign of Capricorn rules the knees, for this is the part of the body that allowed ancient creatures to manifest the lower appendages to crawl out of the sea, to begin their life on the land of solid Earth. That is why the SeaGoat is a symbol for this sign.

This rulership of the knees affects the body language.  Note how the protruding knees send the butt to the back.  This tilts the shoulders and head to the front.  The goat has to look upward to see the mountain path that lies ahead.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn. It is the most distant planet that can be seen with our natural senses; Therefore, it represents the limitations of physicality, as well as mankind’s desire to obtain higher states of physical being.    Saturn regulates our perceivable sense of time on this physical plane. It also governs the business institutions and government that make civilization possible.

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Capricorn Sun Signs, photos

Celebrities with Capricorn Sun Signs

   When these celebrities perform their dance of the solstice lights, the chill of winter appears in their stoic mannerisms, as the element of Earth gives them the chiselled and craggy features of a goat.  Note how the high-set cheek bones that cave in the middle to give these goats a distinctly serious appearance. Also,  the wide bridged nose droops down to the recessed chin to accent these ruminant qualities.

   Maggie Smith plays the elderly monarch of Downtown Abbey who struggles to keep her homestead from financial and physical collapse. Her Moon can be in Virgo or Libra (birth time unknown), but her balanced emotional demeanor suggests she has a Libra Moon. 

   Being a triple Capricorn (Sun, Moon and Ascendant), Zooey Deschanel is the most grounded of this batch of celebrities. She is known for her earthy, gravely voice, and her role in the hit TV show New Girl.

  Muhammad Ali shows the square shape of his fixed Leo Ascendant and Aquarius Moon. With a Leo Ascendant, Ali proclaimed himself to be “the greatest”. In his Aquarius lunar reactions he “floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee”. However, it was the determination of his tenacious Sun that made him a champion.

  Mary Tyler Moore’s empathy for others made her deeply loved by her audience. Her Ascendant is Pisces. Her Moon is in Cancer. These watery sensitivities helped her create her massive Capricorn empire.

 Ted Danson, as we saw in his role on Cheers, displays the boisterous and confident reactions of a Leo Moon. A Virgo Ascendant injects a worrisome and mercuric quality to his demeanor. This Rising Sign also gives his face a vertically stretched and off-kilter shape.

Birthdays of Celebrities with a Capricorn Sun:
Maggie Smith Dec. 28, 1934 (no time) Ilford, England
Zooey Deschanel Jan. 17, 1980 (6:57 a.m.) Santa Monica, CA
Muhammad Ali Jan. 17, 1942 (6:35 p.m.) Louisville, KY
Mary Tyler Moore Jan. 17, 1964 (1:56 a.m.) Chicago, IL
Ted Danson Dec. 29, 1947 (10:58 p.m.) San Diego, CA

Dance of the Seasonal LIghts

With these New Year's resolutions, all of us can believe in a brighter future

As these goats ascend in this dance of solstice lights,  many of them will reach their positions at the top of the mountain.  However, there will be others who become overwhelmed by the conflict they see in the world. This can cause them to lose the “feeling of security” they learned in Cancer (the sign on the other side of the zodiac wheel).

Without this comforting base, many of these goats will bypass their inherent urges to improve their communities and social order.  Rather, they will become consumed with the acquisition of personal wealth and power.   Fortunately, many of them are able to  to identify with the needs of their fellow citizens and friends.  This lesson is learned, when the Sun enters the next sign in the Zodiac: Aquarius.

Dance in the sparkling snow of Aquarius HERE