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Zodiac Archetypes appear in the Suns, Moons and Ascendants of Celebrities

Aries is one of 12 Zodiac archetypes
Sun in Aries

Carl Jung's personality types are based on the 12 Zodiac archetypes

3 of them can be viewed in the personality of

Conan O'Brien

April 18, 1963 (1:38 PM)
Boston, MA

2 other Zodiac Archetypes can be seen in the personality of

David Letterman

April 12, 1947 (6:00 AM)
Indianapolis, Indiana

Since Carl Jung studied astrology, we can be sure that the 12 Zodiac archetypes were a major influence on his work.  The cardinal fire of this sign is seen in the solar expressions of Conan O’Brien and David Letterman.  You’ll see this warrior energy in their conversations, as they repeatedly butt-in and inject their personal opinions. With intense, rapid-fire gestures and inextinguishable enthusiasm, they push “the comedic envelope” to the outer edges.  The dynamics prove quite entertaining!

Notably, both men has reddish colored complexions and hair.  Conan’s crown  sports the Ram’s  double-crowned horns of hair.  Oddly, one side sweeps up high above the other. (This may be due to his Mutable Virgo Ascendant).  In contrast, the top of Dave’s crown is sparse of follage, likely due to his Capricorn Moon.  This Aries personality is altered by the other components in their charts.

12 archetypes include Aquarius and Capricorn

These night owls have different “reactive qualities” and consequently, different emotional natures and senses of humor.  It is believed that the combination of Sun and Moon gives a person their “psyche”—i.e., the way they project their ideas and counter that expression with their emotional reactions.

Dave’s CAPRICORN MOON makes him emotionally sarcastic and cynicalsometimes seemingly cruel.  In these saturnine moments, his face takes on a hard, chiseled, goat-like appearance.  With such rigid emotions, he diligently maintains order and rarely lets others take control of the show.

On the other hand, Conan’s AQUARIUS MOON make his interactions with his guests quirky, intriguing and subject to erratic surprises.  This lunar position also makes him optimistic, friendly and it adds a light and airy quality to his personality.  However, Uranus on his Ascendant supercharges these Aquarian lunar qualities.  All too often, it pushes his Aries personality into the twilight zone.